Arthur Ross


Born USA July 26


I am a licensed pilot since 1978 and have been flying, building, configuring  and developing complex remote controlled (ucontrol when I was twelve), planes, gliders and now multirotor copters for over 50 years.  I am a member of the AMA and FAA 107 certified.  I love technology so this is not a game. It's a passion.


​HigherUpPhotography LLC uses several photographers depending upon what the situation is. So we are always prepared for our customers regardless of the project. With multple copters of varying sizes, we always have a solution whether taking pictures for real estate or making a movie.


Safety is a big concern for us as well. All precautions are taken and we follow a checklist before and after any flight. We do not fly over crowds nor near airports without a NOTAM (we publish a frequency so we can be contacted). We use state of the art photography equipment and can shoot videos up to 4K.

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